For those who
want to grow.

From the seed of an idea comes
the product of the millennium.

A pot within a pot.

For 4,000 years, the plant pot has been little more than a bucket with holes. Until our visionary team,led by inventor R J Middleton, saw what they could be – and thus unfolded a quest for a better pot, a pot that would allow drainage, yet still ingeniously retain moisture.

Craterpot features a pot within a pot, a simple improvement that makes a world of difference.

It recognises that the taproot of a plant requires different nutrients and conditions than the lateral roots.

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Victor Hugo said: There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

We say, when an opportunity like this arises – the product of the millennium – you should grab it with both hands. And reap the inevitable rewards.

The world is more
than ready for Craterpot.

At the turn of the millennium, total sales of plant pots in the United States alone grossed over US$16.6 million.

Extrapolated on a world scale, that equates to over US$442 million and that was almost two decades ago; the market has definitely grown exponentially.

There are more conventional plant pots in the world than there are people, around 7.5 billion.

Craterpot 2017.

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