What is a Craterpot?

A craterpot is a unique and cleverly designed insert which when placed in a planting environment such as a plant pot, retains a percentage of the water from irrigation or rain to maintain a moist environment for longer. In essence, a craterpot is a saucer except that it exists on the inside of the plant pot. This means craterpots are not limited to plant containers they can be used in external environments too.

When a craterpot is placed under the surface, the moisture caannot stagnate nor can it develop disease or breed pests and it can only evaporate at a controlled rate largely determined by capillary action and the plants requirements because it is naturally buffered from the external environment.

The craterpot system is head and shoulders above every other system.

  • Craterpots the garden waters itself.
  • Craterpots there is no drought.
  • Craterpots plants survive longer and remain healthier with less water and nutrients.

The craterpot system works in every conceivable situation. A breeze to install into established gardens or planting containers, it functions all day every day, it buffers the ups and downs to give a steady graph of moisture and nutrient and never fails.

Craterpots can reduce watering and fertilisation by up to 80%.


Craterpot is a start-up business.

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Craterpots are produced in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit every type of application.

Craterpots allow the grower the flexibility to tailor-make environments for plants in broad scale or rural applications, plant containers, flowerpots, boxes, buckets or any other conceivable planting device. In effect, a craterpot turns the container or area into a self-watering system which can be designed to last months, weeks or a few days depending on the requirement of the individual plants, trees or lawn.

In plant containers, to adjust, simply swap the craterpot for a higher or lower capacity craterpot during re-potting or whenever desired. Changing the craterpot in rural applications, lawns and natural environments is generally unnecessary.

The c27 craterpot fitted to a conventional 8L plant pot creating a #3 CPP [graphics withheld due to patenting].

The above example demonstrates converting a typical plant pot into a self-maintaing device. The container does not require modification to adopt the conversion. The (Craterpot) insert is simply placed inside the container, remaining unfixed. So, it matters not what type of container one uses, any container type or no container at all can be converted into a CPP.

The Craterpot functions as a store for moisture and nutrients and maintains a stable environment. It also prevents nutrients leeching during irrigation procedures and acts like a buffer that reduces plant shock in all situations.

Nutrients now remain inside the Craterpot, inside the plant container, and remain accessible to the plant.

Craterpots can be used in any type of planter: For example, concrete or in-ground planters. There is no need for modification. Simply install the craterpot into the base of the planter prior to filling with soil and its ready to go.

Every craterpot bears data signatures indelibly etched into the base. These can be used to easily calculate the CPP:

Image (left): Concrete planter – 50L concrete cube with c150 craterpot (1.5L) creating a #3 CPP

Victor Hugo said: There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

We say, when an opportunity like this arises – the product of the millennium – you should grab it with both hands. And reap the inevitable rewards.

It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s a matter of fact, plants thrive with craterpots:

Craterpot for drought solutions:

Provides water/nutrients in: plant pots and containers, gardens, nature strips, parks, nurseries, lawns…

A planting environment should provide for a wide range of variables:

Plant type.
Stage of growth.
Moisture requirements.
Seasonal buffering.
Maintenance and labour.


Craterpot satisfies all plant performance requirements.

The Craterpot once installed works for ever; it has no batteries, no electronics and no working parts;

it’s cost effective, simple, never fails and takes no time or effort to install;

it maintains plant health, saves water and fertilizer and, time and energy – it’s a genius.

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